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DON’T MARRY A STATUS, IMAGE OR A TITLE: God ordained marriage to take place between a man and a woman and not an image or a woman and a title. I plan to marry because she is from a rich family. I will marry him because he is a governor and I will be a first lady in his state. She was the beauty queen of a popular beauty pageant. He is a top football star etc. These are just few examples of reasons why you should not just marry anyone just because of the above mentioned reason, character matters a lot and unfortunately many singles lack good character. God expect you to marry a person not an image, status or title because people are always different outside this public images and title. Things are not always the way they seem and most of the time people are different in their private life from what they are in public after the shows, the performance and the acting, the real person goes home and that is the real deal, so it’s wise to look before you leap.

DO NOT MARRY SOMEONE WHO PROMISES TO CHANGE AFTER: Anyone you meet as an adult with negative traits and who promises to change after marriage is a devil in disguise. If they have not change all through their growth stage before you meet them, if they have not change all through their years of staying under their parents, going to church and serving God, then for them to claim they will change after marriage is a deception. Someone that God has not been able to break and change cannot be changed by marriage. However, you should discern people’s sincerity because some people only get to discover their weaknesses and hidden negative trait during their courtship through their partner, because no one has ever been open and close enough to make them realize it. Change is a process but discernment must be in place to unveil deception and hypocrisy. Singles be careful.

DO NOT MARRY AN EXTREMELY JEALOUS PERSON: Jealousy is a seed that chokes the peace, joy and harmony that should exist in any relationship. It is a negative attitude that makes you grasp at what you have beyond limit until it becomes bondage. A jealous partner or spouse steal, kill and destroy because they are under a negative influence. Marriage should not be a cage or a bondage so open your eyes.A young lady got engaged to a guy who had insecurity problem and hence was extremely jealous to the extent that the fiancée could not talk to anybody of the opposite sex alone. On numerous occasions the guy has beaten her seriously that she spends days in the hospital. It took time for her to make up her mind to break free from the abusive relationship though the guy did not to let her go.

DO NOT MARRY AN EXTREMELY ENVIOUS PERSON: Envy like jealousy is an evil seed and it is a negative drive that makes someone to long for what others have. An envious woman will pressure your life to live and operate above your ability while an envious man will not be focus but have diffused thoughts. Avoid and destroy these negative traits and attitude before marriage or else what you fail to deal with will deal with you. Seek for counsel if need be. Envy begins when you focus on other’s more than yourself, and that makes you concentrate more on what is going on in their life while ignoring the progress in yours. Envy is so destructive that there have been cases of wives becoming envious of their husband’s progress and vice versa. This sounds strange but is a sad reality.


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