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What You didn’t know about Crude Extraction and Crude Politicking; The Case Overview of Nigeria

Riddled with Greed, Corruption and evil-doings of our easily-bribed easily-fooled leaders and their cohorts in and outside Nigeria. Our leaders do not have the brainpower, foresight, intelligence, desire for sustainability, checks-and-balances-system and long-term orientation mindset of leaders from other countries who (obviously) use their ‘superior intelligence’ to manipulate the stupid greedy minds of our leaders. Like a man who doesn’t have the self-control to “hold himself” or at least wear a condom before seizing any/every opportunity to “do”, so are our politicians lacking self-control when it comes to guzzling money. Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon said it well when he said “they are masturbating themselves in the corridors of power”. Watch this brief expose and see why the Niger delta and oil don’t mix!


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