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What religion kills as many children as it sees, abducts high school girls and sells them off as brides for $7.50, forces children to marry and have kids while only 10 years old, locks the doors and sets entire boarding dormitories on fire killing all the kids within, massacres 59 sleeping students in school, slaughters and burns innocent people incl. women and children at schools, churches, bus parks, malls and more? How is it a “religion of peace”? Do the Islamists not listen to their Imams and religious leaders or are they preaching the wrong message?? I’ll believe whose side they are on when we see the entire Muslim leadership, worshippers and elders going into Sambisa forest to rescue these girls. Using loudspeakers to denounce and join the fight against Boko haram. Their members and Council identifying the key radicals in their organization. All across the world and esp in Nigeria. There should be some guilt and ardent efforts to show the peace they proclaim daily. This is not only about#BringOurGirlsBack #BringBackOurGirls now. It’s about #Stopbokoharam #StopIslamists#StopExtremism ! If you kill innocent people on sight, you deserve to be killed on sight. #NoTrials If you want to convert us all to this religion, then do it as other religions do: Go door to door, preach and share pamphlets! He/she who lives by the sword MUST die by the sword. #WorldPeace!



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