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Why I thank GOD for making you just for me!


1. Compatibility – amazing how you complete me, my weakness r ur strengths, and you r very strong!

2. Proverb 31 v. 10 – you are indeed a virtuous God fearing woman, that’s how a Christian man separates a lady from a wife! 

3. Discipline – Ephesians 5 v. 22. You r CHRIST-like submissive, respective and humble.

4. Practical – Psalm 86 v. 15 Patience, compassion, slow to anger and abounding in love! You also ate reasonable and thorough. You take life as it comes and know that things are not permanent and the best is yet to come

5. Appreciative – you r humble and thankful for everything

6. Grateful – little things satisfy you and make me want to do more!

7. Aspiring – you inspire and never expire! 

8. Unconditionally fun – you find ways to stimulate my interests and make even the boring things fun for me.

9. Teacher! – you teach me new and old forgotten things! By the way making love to the right woman (has to be your wife, because love is a bond) is amazing! And renovating!,devastating, remarkable! If u a guy reading this, stop thinking … “This h•€¥ ain’t loyal” and start knowing “A wife bone of your bones is definitely loyal!

10. Rejuvenation – priceless doing things together for the first time, especially when it’s a bucket list item

11. Same vision – feels right all the time, because we are on the same page all the time. So surreal! 

12. Mother/wife v. lady/woman – You def. Know how to act. Very classy and God fearing in lieu of confirming to society expectations and views for females

13. Smart worker and hard worker – you have a vision, u have dedication to be successful

14. Backbone – make me want to wake up extremely early and be a man of the house by working and providing. If feel great to have a back bone that inspires success 

15. Family oriented – u gather rather than scathed! Similar to me. Love of family and family first

16. Goal oriented – ready for success and preparing on how to sustain success. U excellent in Michelle Obama characteristics 

17. Humble – even though you are the hottest woman alive! U find a way to stay humble 

18. Encourager – You encourage me to be an achiever, and u encourage ur female peers by rightfully advising them 

19. Right temperament – never to hot never too cold, always usually right!

20. Role Model – You make all the right decisions worthy of emulation 

21. Wonderful wife – woman in public and moderate freak in the sheets keeping things interesting!

22. Resourceful – you make every situation work, can’t thank you enough 

24. Economical – even though you have expensive taste, you are still practical and you find a way to be resourceful and financially frugal 

25. Obedient – you treat your temple right, john 2 v. 21. You don’t succumb to peer pressure

25. Last of your kind – hardly are women born or raise in America act like you! Tolerant, respectful and even though you are independent you man your man feel important

26. Youthful – despite your age, you act young and fun 

26. Consistent – you don’t act different, you only improve and modify for the better but never seen you change, you stand true to who you are

27. Cultural – you remember the daughter of who you are. Your African roots is important to you. Before u know where u r you know where you came from

28. Trust – you are reputable and trustworthy and you are trusting! 

29. satisfaction guaranteed – ever since I have known u, I have spent almost everyday with you and you have never bored me 1 day! You satisfy me humorously, physical, spiritually, and in every sense.

Bonus – wow factor! The things you do for others especially me wows me!


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