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GOOD GUESTS ARE… (a.k.a The ABCs’ of being a Good Guest!)


  1. Appreciative of others’ presence 
  2. Aware of the need for Safety within the house & overall Security of your host’s home/items 
  3. Brave: Not afraid to lend a helping hand
  4. Considerate: Of others’ presence and needs
  5. Conserve Resources: Lights, water, food, etc…whatever costs money
  6. Don’t leave hairs or toothpaste streaks strewn everywhere
  7. Eager well-wishers: Wish their hosts well & support them with prayer
  8. Eat Proportionately and are not greedy or wasteful
  9. Family: Feel at home! 😀
  10. Great: At Cleaning up after themselves
  11.  Peaceful

Bad Guests…don’t come back. 😀


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