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Clear that funky armpit smell! #homeRemedies

Armpit odor is not only embarrassing, but may be difficult to get under control. This is a guide about remedies for armpit odor.

Tip: Hand Sanitizer for Underarm Odor

1) Hand sanitizer: worked like a charm for me when I developed a sudden, strong underarm odor that no amount of bathing, traditional remedy, nor deodorant would control. Four physicians dismissed the problem as normal, even though I’m a middle aged woman who has never had a body odor and have never had to use deodorant. After many months of this embarrassing problem, I got the idea to try hand sanitizer. Not only did the sanitizer stop the odor immediately, after a week’s use the odor has not returned. I’m assuming the cause was bacterial and that the sanitizer killed whatever bacteria was lurking there. At any rate, it’s a cheap, safe solution to try. Stephanie. 

2) Lime & baking soda! 

I come from a tropical country when I was a kid. I remember at school the teacher would make us rub lime with baking soda, that used to work very well! Gebret. 

3) Anti-bac: After reading all the tips and trying them out, none worked for me. However after I thought about the cause of the odor, which is bacteria, I realized I was going about it the wrong way. So I went out and bought a bottle of anti-bacterial soap. When pumped, and you only need to pump it once, it creates a foam. Take a bit in both palms and rub it in the armpit. At the beginning, wash twice, rinse and dry and then take a little in each palm and apply to underarm. Let it dry a bit and then get dressed. It took about 4 washes to get rid of the odor. I did this for a week and I was so happy. Now I wash my armpits twice a day (morning and bedtime) with the same antibacterial soap and only apply my regular anti-perspirant.

4) Baking soda and oatmeal: I had the same problem so solved the problem. I exfoliated underarms with a paste made of baking soda and cornmeal, no more odor. We have dead skin under armpits. It works, try it

5) Anti-bac ointment: Armpit odor is caused by bacteria. Shower body wash, gels etc. may not work for everyone. Try this on a weekend. After your shower apply antibacteria ointment on your pits. Repeat. The odor will vanish.

6) Lavilin: you have odor problems, you should really try Lavilin. It is an unbelievable product that can eliminate odors for 1 week! In extreme cases, several applications per week should be more than sufficient. I have been a happy customer for 10 years!

7) Yes, I hate to say it, but you need a second opinion. Many illnesses cause different body odors. One church friend who had terrible BO had cancer… another had diabetes. If you’re uncomfortable with your own odor, the first friend I mentioned started taking charcoal capsules, and that helped eliminate her BO. God bless. Jo

8) found out from the People’s Pharmacy website that baby diaper cream works best. I have been using it about twice a week after my shower instead of ANY deodorant for about six months and it really works. I use Boudreaux’s Butt Paste brand that has a slight balsam smell, but you can shop around.

Other options are: Milk of Magnesia, Botox, Antibiotics etc


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