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ON MEN THAT KILL THE SPIRIT: Some men…they meet a lively, passionate, spunky, bubbly, witty, chatty chick. Brimming with ideas, surprises and interesting stuff she cooks up, they have so much fun together & he marvels that Life could be SO much FUN?!!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸΎ Her gist, antics and jokes brighten up his days. 

They fall in love with her, incl for all those reasons. Life would be so dull and not worth living, if without her. They woo and marry her. 

Then they begin the process of “change”. All those things she used to do become taboo. The couple of close friends she ever had become suspect intruders. They (and in laws) hammer on “going out is for single people”, “you’re a woman”, “keep quiet”, “don’t ask questions, just pray”, “don’t respond to any provocation from him, just pray”, “don’t talk, just pray”, “he will divorce you oh”, “he will beat you oh!”. Over time man’s ego dumbs down woman’s spirit. She withers, at least when with him. The excessive speech censorship and overthinking before talking becomes silence & a dull household. Interrupted only by the sounds of squealing children and meal-preparation. 

The home becomes “boring”, the woman takes her need to “talk” elsewhere and the man has “won”. His attraction to sparky, lively, spunky chicks who keep him on his toes starts taking him outside. To flirt and fiddle with “unconquered” females in the universities, at work, fun spots and freelancers.

If he has a heart, once in a while, he wonders “What happened to the lively, passionate, spunky, witty, chatty lady I fell in love with? We used to have so much fun together”…  

Dem no realize say dem don kill the woman spirit, where they are concerned??? 😳😳😳. Why do men do this? 



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