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Laughter the best Meds!

A policeman was marking the assignment of his two sons. He marked the senior child’s work and flogged him. He turned to the junior child, opened his notebook and without saying a word, walked away. The older child ask the younger one. “U wey no sabi anytin, why papa no flog u?
The younger one replied: I put N200 inside my notebook! U forget say papa na policeman 😁


In a Nursery School Canteen…

There’s a basket of apples with a notice written over it : “Do not take more than one, God is watching”
On the other counter there’s a box of chocolates. A small child went & wrote on it, “Take as many as U want, God is busy watching the apples”…😂

NEVER ACT SMART WITH Today’s Generation.🤦‍♂️

KID :- Why are some of your hair white dad…? 
DAD : – Every time you make me unhappy , one of my hair turns white…
KID :- Now I understand why grandpa’s hair is all white…
Moral :- Don’t be over smart…🤦‍♂️

Child : Mummy why does Gandhi have no hair on his head…?

Mummy : Because he speaks only truth…
Child : Now I understand why ladies have long hair! 🤣


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