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Unless you like being duped…

..of your hard-earned money?

Unless you have instilled blind, utter and total trust in your dental care providers? Don’t get me wrong, the world needs more trust but I do “admire” people who choose to instill complete trust in smarmy dentists and fraudulent dental clinic staff.

Today, my peeve is about America’s tendency to not hold dentists accountable for proving that the thousands of dollars paid to them for costly fillings was worth it.

Envision this scenario: You decide to pay closer attention to your receding gums and yellowing teeth and invest time and money in dental care. You find a dentist that accepts your insurance, go in, they happily x-ray you and give you graphic and scary images of all the terrible horrible plaque parties, bacteria buffets and stinky stuff supposedly taking place in your mouth and eroding all you hold dear.

Appropriately terrified, over the next few months to a year, you painstakingly take time before/during/after work hours to go for various procedures to “Fix it all up!” Of course, you get accused of periodontal disease (or something that necessitates your dentist and his/her staff grinning down at your grimacing face stretched out on their examination table), and condemned to recurrent return trips every 3 months. After all the dental work is complete (Is it ever?), do they ever offer to show you evidence of their fabulous workmanship? My guess is, No.

Crazy people like me are the nutcases who dare to challenge the norm and insist on a “post-dental work-completion performance report” in the form of x-ray images. Hey, I figure that given that the dentist & the x-ray images they took of my teeth scared I & my purse into opening up (literally and figuratively), the least they can do is use similar x-ray images to show that there are no more crevices, crevasses or hole hotels in my buccal cavity! It makes logical sense but here in the U.S, they look at me like I’m crazy!!! Why? I simply don’t want to spend a lot of time, pain-energy and money on procedures only to later find out that they were not even properly done. Wouldn’t that be Fraud? Nahhh, I need to see a visual performance report, Mr/Ms. Dentist!

It makes me wonder: Am i the only one who feels this way?

Bottom-line Thought of the Day: Americans need to demand more accountability from our healthcare providers and confirm the return on our healthcare-related investments, just as we do for other investments.


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