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It is said that we are born stronger and more fit than others but between us, we know that our exercise and Good Eating habits are well below that of most developed countries. let’s get together to develop better habits and start beating down our High Blood pressure, Stress, Malaria and all other high disease rates! Africa is undeniably the Continent with the worst Healthcare systems in the whole world. LET’S HELP OURSELVES & OTHERS! It’s a Revolution, now let’s get started!
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Each month, we will hand-select stuff we think you’ll love–and that will make your life a little happier and healthier! For those of you avid gym-goers out there, you know how important it is to keep your gym bag stocked and ready to go! That’s why we’re sharing our gym bag essentials with you and Why we love each:.

Water Bottle:

You should always have fresh, clean water on hand wherever you are, but especially when exercising. Staying hydrated allows you to train longer and harder. Plus it keeps your skin looking youthful. Wherever you are, but especially when exercising. Staying hydrated allows you to train longer and harder. Plus it keeps your skin looking youthful.

Extra Clothes/running shoes:

Keep an extra top, vest/sports bra and pair of socks in your bag for emergencies. Socks and sports bras always seem to get forgotten at home, and the extra shirt can be used as a towel in a pinch!

Healthy Snacks:

We’re always ravenous after a tough workout, so to avoid eating anything in sight (think convenience foods that are salty, processed and oily), we pack fruit, protein shakes or powder or a baggie of nuts e.g. groundnuts, cashews, almonds, apples or other fruit.

Sport/Health ID:

Even for indoor exercisers, this is a smart and practical item to have. This ID fits on any pair of athletic shoes. Inside is a personalized card with your Name, Emergency contact information, Blood group info, Genotype and other life-saving or medical details.


Most gyms have a “no bag” policy on the fitness floor, so you have to put your gear in a locker. You don’t want to leave all your goodies unprotected, so a lock is a must-have for your bag.

Fitness Magazines:

Magazines offer instant inspiration! There’s always a new routine to learn, a new recipe to look forward to after your workout, or a set of before and after pictures to make you feel like anything is possible!

Hair Ties:

For all you long-haired ladies (and some gents), you know it’s basically impossible to work out with your hair flying in your face. We love hair ties with no metal that come in natural colors.



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