For Parents (esp the Nigerian ones😂) 

Father Abraham:Parents please let’s look beyond the humor here and learn a thing or two… I couldn’t help not to laff though …

1. Remember Further Maths? They warned you that it’d be tough so you committed to listening attentively from the very beginning…
2. …things started very well. 2a+8a = 10a. Easy beans. You are happy. This thing is not so hard. You are following it. Very happy.
3. Then slowly, you don’t see any number again, just letters fighting Jackie Chan on the board; Sin 0/Cos 0 = A/Bx find x….ahan. You vexed!
4. You went back to your note, & started thinking, “at what point did I miss it? Why did the teacher eliminate numbers? Why is “x” important?”
5. You say ok, may be it is just this part. Then the teacher goes, find x if %#*<¥< + &@%%^ = &^^*#x. You ask the teacher, “give us a clue ma”
6. In you head, you are thinking, “how can you tell me to find x when I can’t even find all the things surrounding x?”
7. At that point, you start to dream about your blessed and assured “F” in WAEC. To avoid it, you look for a friend to explain better to you.
8. This time, you didn’t even look for the girl you were tripping for to come teach you because this time…u really want to learn
10. You remember your parents, the school fees and the “F” you were already dreaming about. You didn’t fool yourself. You looked for your guy.
10. You even bought that expensive Further Maths text book. That one where after page one, everything else is written in tongues.
11. You bought rechargeable lamp. Called your mum to bring more provisions because “I now read at night and I get hungry”
12. You mean business. You want to how know how ordinary numbers suddenly changed to Chinese language before your eyes.
13. You friend is even kind. He started with BODMAS. He makes you understand nothing in Further Maths is beyond BODMAS. You are happy. Easy.
14. After two hours of learning, you got everything. Your friend should be a teacher you thought. He teaches better. Wow! You feel really good!
15. Back in the hostel alone, you picked two easy “problems,” did wuru wuru to the answer. You checked the back for answer. Yay! You gorrit!
16. Back in class, the teacher is not even writing letters that you know again, she has gone Greek on you. Tetha, Beta, Alpha…argh!
17. As if that wasn’t evil enough, she combines them, “tan tetha” “cos tetha” and she draws one snake that look like S like this…
18. That was the point the “F” in your dream became flesh and formed tears on your face. You must call mummy. You know that.
19. Then something said, don’t call her. She will think you are an olodo if you don’t do “Science class”. So you didn’t bother.
20. You simply just gave yourself brain. Ran faster than Maurice Greene to see what was happening in “Art Class”
21. They were teaching them “the Macpherson constitution” and what made the “Clifford constitution” different.
22. Then they spoke about the “motion for Independence” and the “1979 constitution.” You felt at home.
23. Next day, you take the Further Maths text books and all the big books like it, over to CMS. Sell them all. LOLz
23. This is a true life story of real people who were really brilliant but had no business in “Science Class” but “had” to be there…
24. Our society insists; smart people are in Science Class. The others join Art Class. This is tragic and I really pray this stops soon!
25. There are no dumb people. You are smart at what you thrive at and most of us thrive at something…
26. That I can’t thrive at what you thrive at doesn’t make me dumb. Usain Bolt will outrun Lebrun James on the track. But in 🏀? James wins! 
27. To this day, some of you still judge yourself based on what your friends are achieving. Please, judge yourself against yourself alone!
28. Don’t make your life like football leagues where you check on the results of others to feel better.

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Great weekend ahead!

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