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 Once an interviewer asked Picasso; “What is art?”.
Almost instantly, Picasso hopped off his chair. He grabbed an old, broken bicycle, pulled off the seat and picked up its handle. Then he fitted the bicycle handle onto the seat to form the head of a bull.
(The handle formed the horns and the seat already resembling a bull’s head). 
Then Picasso hung it upon his wall, and, dusting both hands, he asked the interviewer; “Now tell me my friend, what is not Art?”

Indeed Art is the spirit behind everything we see and love. ART IS LIFE, LIFE IS ART, THE ART OF LIVING.       

FASHION                                           PAINTINGS                                     POETRY

         Photo: FACE OF HOPE 11ACRYLIC ON CANVAS 45INCHES X 45INCHES OCT. 2011 .     



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