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We came across our newest Nigerian-american fashion designer simply known as Helena (mononym) in the papers following her amazingly successful first outing at the Espre Dekor Fashion Show in Texas, USA.

IMG_0929          _MG_7092

When interviewed on her focus on shorts, she stated that “Wearing my shorts makes you feel sexy, really cool, happy and spicy while making others know you are confident, fun n’ fearless, bold n’ beautiful. My clients instantly gain a certain joie de vivre, charm and stand out whenever they wear my unique clothing. Get some pieces!”

_MG_7188 - Copy  _MG_7101

Watch out for her self-written expose aptly titled “The Making of a Diva” next week here.

Some Uno Sebanna clients were in attendance to support what they say is the best ethnic brand of clothing ever! They came wearing Uno Sebanna pieces and when interviewed Ifedinma Okonkwo said, “The first day I wore my shorts to a party downtown, I got so much positive feedback! Everyone said I looked hotter, sexy yet classy, strong yet ultra-feminine and sassy. They are just so unique that I’ve become a firm follower of Uno Sebanna”. Her sister Bambi chimed in, “Since the day I wore mine out, I’ve been hooked too!”.

IMG_0869_zps317a255d        IMG_0950_zps6d2ad047

At the Fashion show, Helena was a hit as she introduced Uno Sebanna’s Summer/Spring collection. Tribal chic is the name of the game for this Nigeria born fashion doyenne. Only the great ones truly understand what it means to brand your aesthetic.

IMG_0923_zps0c3f5224   IMG_0937_zps37bc7bdb    IMG_0934_zps6845e410

Helena’s hand printed pocket was a charming signature to her bubble short shorts, and her tribal print capris. “Cute, cute and more cute” was the sentiment with every model who stomped the runway. When asked how long had she been in the industry Helena coyly replied “Only one year”.  A novice designer with an appealing gift, the Uno Sebanna collection is the perfect mix of home and high fashion for the trendy, gutsy, confidently sexy fashionista. Angelina Jolie would love to share this!


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